OMI measuring system for raw materials

We provide stable measurements of raw materials required for high quality.
Raw material formulations are indispensable for manufactured products.  The higher the quality of the product, the higher the need for accuracy of raw material inputs and composition. 
Eliminating human error though complete automation enables high-quality mass production.
This leads to high marks from our users and a reputation that is solid.
Our system is not limited to tire and industrial-use rubber imanufacturers, and has also been favorably received by various other types of manufacturing lines. 


■Screw Conveyor     ■Hopper Scale     ■Mixer Input Chute



・Supports product manufacturing with the best composition method for each product.
・Improves measurement precision by adapting measurement methods to raw material characteristics.
・Eliminates human error by full-automation enabling high-quality production.
・Centralized computer manages production planning and results.
・Applicable to various manufactured products.